We at im2moro believe we can’t just ignore our generation and think we have any hope of holding on to our constitutional principles. It will take all of us. Im2moro is a 501c-3 non-profit organization to be the platform to help us reach our generation. We started this in San Diego, but now it's spreading across the nation. Check it out.

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"She is amazing. I think she is a superstar that is going to lead the next generation. I think she is going to play a big role in that."  - Glenn Beck, National TV and Radio Host

"In every action we take, we are doing one of two things: we are either helping to create a hell on earth or helping to bring down a foretaste of heaven. We are either contributing to the broken condition of the world or participating with God in transforming the world to reflect his righteousness.”

Chuck Colson, author of How Now Shall We Live 

and founder of the Chuck Colson Center for Christian Worldview.

Audrea Decker 

"Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction." - Ronald Reagan 

“Audrea Taylor is eloquent, content-rich, informed, highly intelligent and gracious. And – this is important when it comes to public speakers – she is not a prima donna, not a diva. She comes not to be exalted or self-promote, but to serve.” - Dr. Jim Garlow, Pastor of Skyline Church and Founder of Pulpit Freedom Sunday

“Poised and competent far beyond her years, Audrea Taylor is a shining example of what an American Millennial should be. She inspires, motivates, and captivates audiences with her common sense approach to the world today.  Audiences will rave about this woman with her feet solidly on the ground, and the stars solidly within her grasp.” 

- Dr. Gina Loudon, Host of the Dr. Gina Show 

Because I Care. I pray. I think. I vote. 

Over a hundred University campuses across the nation use Because I Care get out the vote materials. We vote not because we love politics but because we care about our communities and our nation. 

Glenn Beck's Interview with Audrea: 

​Will Millennials turn to capitalism or socialism on their quest for truth?